Based on natural ingredients


In order to reduce scars: postoperative, post-traumatic, burn scars, fresh and old, regularly damaged tissue should be treated. The healing properties of the used plant essences guarantee reduction of redness, haughtiness of scars, itching, skin tension and discoloration.

Systematically used preparation, reduces atrophic scars, which include stretch marks or acne lesions. Plant extracts have a firming effect, improve the appearance of the skin, regenerate tissues and rebuild collagen. This makes them attribute anti-aging properties. The best result is obtained thanks to the so-called synergy effect, which is based on the combined effect of the substances used.

Skin after treatments, such as radiotherapy, mechanical and chemical peels, as well as after laser treatments or burns, requires intensive care and greater care. Therapy using ScarZel Plus can be carried out in your own home. Daily skin care can become a pleasant ritual.

Every day you can take care of a moment of relaxation by doing a gentle massage, which at the same time increases the nourishing effect of the preparation. The feeling of comfort will be ensured by a light and quickly absorbing consistency of a mildly fragrant gel.

Active ingredients:

– onion extract – anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, softening and elasticizing

– Asian Asiatica Extract – regulating fibroblast metabolism and synthesis of collagen fibers, stimulates the synthesis of endogenous hyaluronic acid, improving microcirculation

– extract of sea buckthorn fruit – anti-inflammatory, analgesic, regenerative, accelerating wound healing, burns, frostbite, brightening

– aloe extract – anti-inflammatory, regenerative, analgesic, antibacterial

– red clover extract – strengthening blood vessels, anticoagulants, brightening and firming, accelerating wound healing

– Indian tamarind fruit extract – peeling, healing, flattening keloids, brightening

– purslane extract – anti-inflammatory, analgesic, improving the appearance of the skin

In addition, ScarŻel Plus contains in its composition valuable cosmetic raw materials:

HYDROXYPROLISILANE 6 – belongs to silanols, water-soluble derivatives of organic silicon. In contrast to silicones that do not dissolve in water, silanol penetrates into the dermis, where it exhibits its strong biological effect. It activates young collagen, acts anti-aging, firms and thickens the connective tissue, and regenerates scars.

ALANTOINE – gently exfoliating, softening and smoothing the skin surface, soothing and antipruritic. In addition, it improves skin elasticity by maintaining moisture.

HYALURONIC ACID (in the form of sodium salt) – stimulates the production of collagen and elastin. It has regenerative properties and bonds collagen fibers and water molecules, thus provides the right level of hydration.

The final action of the gel is not the sum of the activity of the individual ingredients.

When creating a product formula, the synergy effect was used, i.e. the cooperation of all components, the effect of which is different from the sum of the separate activities of each of them.



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